In a nutshell

The Steel Bicycle Project (TSBP) aims to raise awareness of key engineering and scientific principles that relate to steel bicycle design.

Objectives of the project

1.  To survey the scientific needs of frame builders to help them improve the design and fabrication of bicycles.
2.  To provide a means to support frame builders by developing experimental test rigs, carrying out scientific testing and developing
complementary numerical simulations.
3  To generate and publish data that is useful for the industry and available for all in the public domain (i.e. not private consultancy/research).
4. To raise awareness in the public and in the industry about:

  • relevant material properties (e.g. the difference between stiffness and strength or the difference between failure modes of a bicycle);
  • the value of scientific measurements;
  • relevant findings of evidence-based research;
  • the benefits and limitations of steel bicycles when compared with other materials.


Dr. Derek Covill:
Dr. Jean-Marc Drouet:

Updated February 11th, 2019